Plant of the Day : Hyacinth

If you haven't spotted these fragrant beauties out and about yet, be sure to be on the lookout... they're out there. Plenty of history surrounds the hyacinth, being mentioned both in Greek mythology (see: Apollo and Hyakinthos) as well as being noted upon by Virgil and Homer. Plant these bulbs in the fall and they... Continue Reading →

Plant of the Day: Columbine

Actually a type of wildflower, Columbine does well in shady to partially sunny areas around your yard. This perennial is full of nectar and attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and honey bees far and near. What it doesn't attract? Deer! Well.... sort of. Deer will eat practically anything when hungry enough.

There is nothing more satisfying than digging in the dirt with my baby girl. She is my little worm finding expert as well as a fantastic leafy greens taste tester. My little summer baby, my mini-me, I am so glad you were in God's plan for me.

Plant of the Day: Tulip

I've learned the hard way deer enjoy gnawing on tulip bulbs, but did you know tulip petals can be eaten? As tulips bloom only 3-7 days a year, make the most of these beauties and use as a beautiful garnish at your next gathering! With over 3,000 varieties to choose from, you have plenty of options.... Continue Reading →

Tulip Time!

I love love love tulips! Tulips are way up on my list of faves, located someplace very close to hydrangea and bleeding hearts. I took the boy on a roadtrip this past week and headed to the northern part of Virginia Appalachia and made a stop at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. What a pleasant surprise! Tulips, tulips,... Continue Reading →

Thrift Store Find & Use: Sake Set Planters

Have a sake set but don't drink sake? Use them as a mini planter! Found this set a while back from the thrift store. My husband has taken a liking to them and wont let me trash them, so I was looking for a way to make them just a touch less blah. I ended... Continue Reading →

Plant of the Day: Catnip (and endorsed by Chewy Kitty)

A favorite of some of our fluffy friends, catnip can actually grow to be a quite large, bush-like perennial. A member of the mint family, you can see a resemblance by looking at the leaves. It's really quite full and attractive if you're looking for a space-filler, and produces tiny white or violet flowers when... Continue Reading →

Thrift Store Find & Fix, Tray Table – Paint, stain, stencil on wood

Here's another Goodwill find and experiment. Wooden tray, ~$4, sanded down: Mixed an off-white paint with water and painted the top. Made my stencil with an Xacto and stencil paper: Stencil + wood glue, top and centered: Let glue dry. Stain the painted surface using Classic Gray Minwax. Let dry. Lightly sand over the glue.... Continue Reading →

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