Thrift Store Find & Use: Sake Set Planters

Have a sake set but don't drink sake? Use them as a mini planter! Found this set a while back from the thrift store. My husband has taken a liking to them and wont let me trash them, so I was looking for a way to make them just a touch less blah. I ended... Continue Reading →

Thrift Store Find & Fix, Tray Table – Paint, stain, stencil on wood

Here's another Goodwill find and experiment. Wooden tray, ~$4, sanded down: Mixed an off-white paint with water and painted the top. Made my stencil with an Xacto and stencil paper: Stencil + wood glue, top and centered: Let glue dry. Stain the painted surface using Classic Gray Minwax. Let dry. Lightly sand over the glue.... Continue Reading →

Are You A Plant Slayer? A Suggestion or Three

Have a brown thumb? No time to care for a plant? Have a penchant for destroying everything you love? Try this: The Jade Plant. Jade plants have to be one of the easiest INDOOR plants to care for. Forget to water? No problem. He'll patiently wait days and days for you to remember him and, unlike... Continue Reading →

Display Cabinet and Indoor Plants

We've bounced this behemoth from room to room for years. Along with taking up a large amount of space, it's done a fabulous job of collecting 1. dust, and 2. decorative, sentimental junk my husband and I are overly attached to and are incapable of trashing. I was on the verge of boxing everything up and... Continue Reading →

Clearance Find! Airplant Terrariums

I was in one of my happy places (Lowes) again yesterday. Keep an eye out on back endcap clearance aisles for 50% off glass terrariums. The smaller teardrop-shaped and large birdhouse styles ended up being anywhere from $2-5 each. I picked up one and a blooming air plant to put together for my sisters birthday.

Grow Sage Indoors Using Teacup

I love sage. I also love teacups. I put the two together and still have this guy growing beautifully. Being next to the sunniest window in the house, he gets quite parched, but I water pretty much daily. There is also no drainage, so I may need to scoop him out and relocate outdoors this... Continue Reading →

Browsing my usual Lowes, I found a $50 gallon of Valspar sandstone textured paint marked down to $9. What truly made it a great find is that it wasn't the usual crap. Ya know, like fire hydrant red. Or mustard, ew. Or yet another shade of brown. Nope! I found a highly pleasing shade of teal. And,... Continue Reading →

Terrarium Attempt, #1

A relatively easy project, I was able to put together a terrarium in under 30 minutes. Using a layer each of sand, rock, sheet moss, soil, I then added live moss from around the exterior of my home. Lastly, I divided a fern from one of my indoor plant pots and transferred to the center... Continue Reading →

One-ish day Project: DIY Fireplace Shelves

Hooray, we have shelves!! This is by far my favorite diy project around the house to date! Here is the before: Pretty blah, huh? The tile around the fireplace is lovely though! First we tried the thick post-type wood. It was a no-go. We found it too heavy for the brackets we used. Plus, the... Continue Reading →

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