Are You A Plant Slayer? A Suggestion or Three

Have a brown thumb? No time to care for a plant? Have a penchant for destroying everything you love? Try this:


The Jade Plant. Jade plants have to be one of the easiest INDOOR plants to care for. Forget to water? No problem. He’ll patiently wait days and days for you to remember him and, unlike a dog, will not pee on the carpet in the meantime. Overwatering doesn’t seem to be much of an issue either.

Jade plants are also simple to propagate. Pluck off a leaf, let it dry out for a few days, place on some soil, and… Babies! Please propagate responsibly.


Jades are some of the toughest to kill… except Snake Plants. Those things WILL. NOT. DIE. There’s an idea! Get you a snake plant.


Do not get the palm tree as seen in background. You are not ready for those.

However… Snake plants don’t need much of anything… water, light, love… these are great for the absent minded plant owner. You may even find random offshoot snakey babies emerging from the soil, which you can divide from the main plant and repot. In exchange for your neglectful ways, the snake plant WILL stab you in the eye if you are not careful when vacuuming. Use caution.

If these do not have you convinced or if you are questioning your ability as an indoor plant owner, might I suggest:



What are your thoughts? Leave a comment!

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