Display Cabinet and Indoor Plants

We’ve bounced this behemoth from room to room for years. Along with taking up a large amount of space, it’s done a fabulous job of collecting 1. dust, and 2. decorative, sentimental junk my husband and I are overly attached to and are incapable of trashing. I was on the verge of boxing everything up and hawking the thing on Craigslist just to get rid of it when I had an idea. I needed a space to move my overflow indoor plants – my front room was beginning to have the appearance of an overgrown jungle. Tough vacuuming around all my junk, lots of sucked up soil and leaves… oops.

SO, figuring I don’t much care if this things goes to the curb, I removed the glass side doors and hardware. I did some vigorous dusting and shoved all that sentimental stuff – Pfaltzgraff china, Jesus and his 12 buddies figurines, and the boy’s elementary school creations, among other things – into the deepest recesses of the garage. Insert babies 🙂

I was originally concerned the inside would heat up like a terrarium and kill my babies, especially since the case is situated in a location with lots of midday sunlight and the back of the piece is one huge mirror. Yet, we are about 3 weeks in and everything seems peachy. So, if any are looking to reinvent their display cabinets but are concerned with heat and air circulation, this seems to be working well so far.


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