Reflections: Two Year Vacation and the Future

I never had the chance to finish college. Couldn’t afford it. I always took the first job opportunity available, no matter how crappy. Too many bills needed to be paid, like, two months ago. Outside of what I had learned within the realm of mother and wife (ie: cooking), I never had the chance to really explore and find what interests me. The path my life had taken taught me some pretty neat stuff in the world of construction and insurance, and I am grateful. Yet, all the many hours of litigation and subrogation and mitigation and negotiation wore me out, and I missed being there for my kids. So, I finally did something for me and took a vacation.

Here I am, 2 years later. I am no longer the last to pick up the boy from after school. I spend my days with the girl, in the yard mostly. We found a cardinal skull the other day while cleaning out a flower bed and spent an inordinately long time talking about it’s beak. I am so thankful! I have time to spend with the girl, the patience to answer 500 questions, and the energy to clean and create flower/garden beds.


Some people enjoy directing, or helping, or fixing, or analyzing, or any other number of callings out there. It took me two years to realize I love to create – be it creation through cooking, growing plants, building, or painting. I find immense pleasure when taking next to nothing and creating it into beautiful things for myself and others to enjoy and appreciate. Now that I know what I enjoy most, I will take this remaining vacation time to continue creating and finding what I create best.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment!

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