Grow Sage Indoors Using Teacup

I love sage. I also love teacups. I put the two together and still have this guy growing beautifully. Being next to the sunniest window in the house, he gets quite parched, but I water pretty much daily. There is also no drainage, so I may need to scoop him out and relocate outdoors this spring. I plan on figuring out this new Dremel toy I recently “borrowed” from dad and drill some drainage holes to the bottoms of other teacups I have lying around.


The spoon garden markers are a nice touch as well. Another thing I plan on figuring out with the Dremel is etching metal, particularly stainless steel. It should make the lettering easier and cleaner. Meh, one day I may actually get around to doing it.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment!

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