I rescue plants, not dogs, and my idea of productivity

Browsing my usual Lowes, I found a $50 gallon of Valspar sandstone textured paint marked down to $9. What truly made it a great find is that it wasn’t the usual crap. Ya know, like fire hydrant red. Or mustard, ew. Or yet another shade of brown. Nope! I found a highly pleasing shade of teal. And, again, texture!! NINE DOLLARS! Good stuff.

After, I had to make a quick run for groceries and, per usual, peeked into the clearance produce bin. Another score! I was able to snatch up a few organic herb plants (not produce) marked down to $.99 each – rosemary and chives. I really wish I would have gotten the last two. You never know when there may be a chive shortage.

So then I get home and I am just dying to do anything and everything other than clean… at which point I remember I have some terra cotta pots lying around that would look just lovely if they were to be painted teal and bumpy. Oh, and I absolutely MUST do this thing right now, right this instant! And so now I have a lovely potted plant and my house has yet to clean itself. Meh… I find productivity is subjective anyway.



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