$5 Thrift Store Table Finds New Life

Hooray!!! It only took a mere 5 or so years of sitting in my garage, but this guy has finally been polished and absolutely shines! The coats of polycrylic is dried and after two questionable choices, I was able to find knobs I love.


SO, without further ado, I give to you …….

The Before:

wp-1484866234194.jpg  (ew)

And, The After:


I’m actually keeping this one! The top is gorgeous – Gray stain is the best thing EVER! I’m thinking of adding small hooks on the underside for hanging plants, and perhaps some decorative brackets to the legs as well.


Classic Gray Minwax stain was used on the pine wood. Very pretty choice!

…See my baby tulips poking out of the bulbs?


2 thoughts on “$5 Thrift Store Table Finds New Life

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  1. Beautiful. I followed you, and then had to also bookmark your blog so it’s easier to find. You have great ideas. I’m going to be on the lookout for something similar. Do you watch the show Fleamarket Flip? I think that’s what it is called. You would be a good contestant on it. What a bargain you found, and you turned it into a treasure.


    1. What a sweet compliment – thank you! I’m a sucker for Antique Roadshow, but have never seen Fleamarket Flip. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for an episode, I love finding and fixing up “treasure” I find at yard sales or at roadsides. I have a few more projects to work on but are on hold pending warmer weather and the grandparents’ babysitting availability.

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