Clearance Tulip Bulbs

Being a sucker for anything on clearance, I purchased about 15 bags of various tulip, daffodil, and crocus bulbs from Lowes in early December. After gifting and planting perhaps the great majority, I wasn’t too sure what I should do with the remaining bulbs. My  natural talent for hoarding came into play when I busted out the dozens of vases I’ve been gifted and collected over the years.

In case you’ve ever wondered, here is what a tulip bulb in a water-filled vase will look like after a month has lapsed. Replace water weekly. Different species of bulbs will grow at different rates. It’s neat to see the different root sizes. Below are two different species (next time I’ll be sure to write down the names). On left is day 22, on right day 31.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment!

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