North Carolina finally realized it is fall, with temps just above freezing this morning. My peas grew quickly with the recent warm weather, which seems to have been timed perfectly... I already have blossoms just about to form. Snap peas are one of our faves! Just waiting on the sweet peas to grow so I... Continue Reading →

Weekend Project: tree logs as hammock posts/supports

It's been busy around the Finca! I have a ridiculous amount of tomato plants occupying a quarter of my deck, waiting to be transplanted. I have a new raised garden bed needing compost. All zucchini and cucumber are in the ground and doing nicely. We've been munching on fresh, raw peas for days. My lettuce has... Continue Reading →

Plant of the Day: Phlox

New to flower gardening? Get phlox. New homeowner with a pretty empty canvas of a yard? Get phlox. Lots of rocks and nothing will grow? Need to fill that empty space? High traffic area with lots of stomping feet? Absent minded gardener? Get phlox. You will enjoy blooms all through the spring and summer, year... Continue Reading →

Plant of the Day: Lavender

Who doesn't love lavender? What's not to love??? It looks great in the yard with delicate pink-to-purple buds, repels mosquitoes, is drought tolerant, and smells great once harvested (or before, after, or anytime in between). Another positive? Lavender is a member of the mint family - a cousin to delicious rosemary, sage, and thyme - making... Continue Reading →

Plant of the Day: Carnation

Whether given as a sweetly fragrant sign of love, brewed into tea to reduce stress, or made into a moisturizing oil, the carnation (dianthus caryophyllus) is as varied in its uses as it is beautiful. Carnations are a great choice for cut flowers with the blooms lasting for days - as seen in the photo above of... Continue Reading →

Look Around You

Every which way you turn are vibrant greens, and bursts of pastel pinks and yellows. Each bud and blossom is an absolute joy. Sprouts have fought against soil and gravity to peek through and stretch toward the sun. Take the time to observe the creation and growth of the living things surrounding you. Take pleasure in and truly appreciate... Continue Reading →

Plant of the Day: Eastern Redbud

What a beauty! One of the harbingers of spring, Cercis Canadensis grows pretty much anywhere and everywhere in the United States, excepting the warmest climes of the country. After the gorgeous display of early spring flowers, Redbuds have lovely heart-shaped leaves the remainder of the year.

Green Goodness – get your greens into the ground!

*nom nom nom* it's fantastic having a mini snack bar in the back yard! Eat lettuce, kale, and spinach for months in a variety of tossed salads (next to a juicy, grilled ribeye, of course). It is not too late to plant, get em in the soil now! Or next week. Er, whenever... All three are super... Continue Reading →

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